With bases in London, Glasgow and the West Country but working worldwide, I work predominantly in documentaries and drama, but with experience in a wide range of areas of the film and television industry; including light entertainment, factual, promos, commercials and corporate.

I developed a keen interest in sound at a young age recording bands on four track machines.  Later I  trained in multi track recording techniques before settling on my chosen career.

The diversity of the work that I have undertaken in the past 14 years has enabled me to work quickly and efficiently, in often difficult conditions and environments, without compromising on quality.

Work has kept me busy across the globe and I have experienced varying climates and working conditions. I have two up to date passports including USA ‘I’ visa.  I am a member of BECTU and AMPS and have completed the five day Hostile Environment and Emergency First Aid course (HEFAT).

I think it is fair to say that I have a keen sense of adventure and particularly enjoy jobs that allow me to explore this.  When not working I enjoy Surfing, running, climbing/abseiling.  Most recently I took an Accelerated Free Fall course to become a qualified Skydiver, currently I hold an ‘A’ License.

My diary service is run by Patsy at Callbox although please feel free to contact me direct .

“This is one extraordinary documentary, approaching hugely emotive subject matter with nimble delicacy and, it has to be said, steely reserve when it comes to filming a brain operation performed under only local anaesthetic. A life-affirming, unforgettable portrait of a true humanitarian, it's crying out for a proper cinema release"


THE ENGLISH SURGEON has won the Emmy for ‘Outstanding Science and Technology Programming’ 2010,  'Best International Feature Documentary' at both the Toronto Hot Docs Festival and the Washington DC Silverdocs Festival 2008, ‘Best International Documentary’ at the expresion en corto Festival (Mexico) and also the ‘Most Popular Audience Film’ at both the Sheffield  and Zagreb Documentary Festivals. It was also shortlisted for a Grierson award.


Darrell briggs (AMPS)

Sound Mixer/Recordist

Recent Highlights

In this revealing two-hour C4 special, theologian Robert Beckford travels across the globe – to Jerusalem, India, Greece, Spain, Italy and Turkey – to reassess the fate of the 12 disciples.

2 x 60 Minute Dramas for the BBC.  ‘Superspy’ tells the story of Klaus Fuchs, who helped give the secrets of the Atom bomb to three different countries, launching the world on a path to nuclear proliferation.

‘Superbomb’ - the race for nuclear supremacy follows the Soviet Union and USA as they struggle to control the most powerful force on the planet and create a "superbomb" that could unleash an explosion 1,000 times greater than Hiroshima.


1 x 60 Minute Documentary

“While it may be provocative…Christianity: A History is of an intelligent kind…It is most definitely worth an hour of your time and comes highly recommended.”

Observer preview and front cover of TV listings’ magazine


Cooper CS106 6CH Mixer with Aux Mod

with loads of cables/extras & Peli case: £3,500.00